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Very good to paint as the numbers were clear to see and the numbers on the paint pots were also easy to us

Absolutely brilliant

This is the best paint by numbers I have ever painted and I have painted a few! ..... The colours are true to the advertised picture and it is so real looking. Totally enjoyed it and looks fabulous on the wall with his friends.

Perfect gift

Purchased for my daughter, who is working from home. She was delighted with the gift.

Portrait Paint By Numbers Kits UK For Adult HW6024

Animal Paint By Numbers Kits UK For Adult A79

Pattern Heart

Very colourful and a joy to paint

Better than I thought

You know when you have an idea,
but you also think its a silly idea.....this was me. But, Ive really
enjoyed doing this, and pleased the way the picture has come out. So much I've ordered two more.

Really enjoyed this and looking forward to painting the next one

Most enjoy and a great confidence booster. Partway through I was a bit doubtful that it was going well but by the end I was quite impressed

I haven't started this painting yet but look forward to it enormously. I am painting Landscape Paris at the moment and love it

Amazing for both mind and body. Thank you x

Fantastic fun. Great use of time. Loved it so much I bought another one. Thank you x


Canvas really good quality, paints and brushes are good too. Bought as a gift for adult who says it's very intricate and challenging but they are enjoying it. Everything arrived on time and was well packaged. I am planning on buying more as these are the gift that just keeps giving.

Lockdown saviour

I have bought a number of these paintings I have done pictures of my family and sent them to them they love them and have said they are realistic This has helped me to get through covid

Lockdown hobby

Started doing this during lockdown and am now addicted. Excellent quality and I love the finished picture. My grandkids are all putting their orders in for pictures


Bought this for my wife and daughter to have some special time together and they love it,will be ordering another soon.


A really good , challenging picture. Would have helped to have a small colour picture to refer to as well as the numbered one


I loved painting this have just finished it now about to start on the other one I would recommend anyone thinking of purchasing it to go ahead it was great to see it take shape

What do you think about Animal Cow Paint By Numbers Kits UK For Adult HQD1277?

Great product really dry quick paints clear numbers

Landscape art

Fantastic as usual. Keeping me sane through this uneventful time. Thank you


I thoroughly enjoyed spending time painting this beautiful painting. I gifted it to someone very special to me and they love it.

Natural River Paint By Numbers Kits UK For Adult RSB8181

Lovely picture

Quite difficult but worth it. Looks like the picture included with the kit. Could have done with extra no 2 and 20.

So enjoyable to do and it’s beautiful!!

Really love the painting, was very rewarding!

Really enjoyed doing this, been great for lockdown.

Nice Product

Very happy with product, but paint quantity per number the same in each pot so with some number areas larger than others just about enough on the larger area pots . Will thin down on future for further coverage 😉