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Landscape Mountain Lake Paint By Numbers Kits UK For Adult RA3303

Perfect thank you

Fast and efficient delivering a Perfect product, what more can you ask for ? x x x x x


loved this, enjoyed painting the picture & was so pleased with the results ! This photo means a lot to me & the finished picture was so like the original photo but with the added allure u only get through a painting ! Thank you

Landscape door

Really enjoying this and the colour combinations

Customised photo

As ever, excellent paint by numbers kit, this time of my cat Lola

Loving doing this painting and intend framing and putting somewhere nice in house x brilliant x


As always first class product from a first class firm. Fast speedy and excellent


Bought 6 painting by numbers 3 were cows they are so relaxing to paint and I’m enjoying the experience. Had one taken of my dog for a pressie to husband the likeness is uncanny. Also bought a couple for Xmas gifts. Great product good price prompt delivery huge selection for all ages perfect in lockdown.

Animal Rabbit Paint By Numbers Kits UK For Adult HQD1264

Poppies in a vase

It's very good but I think I should have tried an easier subject for my first attempt but I will soldier on and finish it.

Love this

As I was going through painting this I was so unsure that it was going to look good, but when it is finished it really is amazing. Some of the lighter colours need a couple of coats so that you don’t see the lines/ numbers through. If you’re feeling unsure halfway through ... stick with it.


Well pleased with the painting by number. Very therapeutic. Will order more in the future

Portrait Lady Paint By Numbers Kits UK For Adult OTG6103

London night

Turned out really well and certainly looks like a wet night in London

Animal Lion Paint By Numbers Kits UK For Adult PH9613

very happy

I'm happy with the quality (I ordered in the past from a different company that wasn't as good by far). it's very nice to get the postcard size print of the picture to guide us and the paper print of the numbers in case we need it.
I'll buy my next paint-by-number project from them for sure

Cow picture

I am doing this for my niece as she is having her room decorated and just loved it when I showed her what I had found, it’s up to its usual quality and as always great kit and company
Thank you

Pattern Eye Unique Paint By Numbers HQD1419

Flower Daisy Paint By Numbers Kits UK For Adult PH9275


Finished 1 already.... So addictive + relaxing.... This is framed + on the wall. Looks fabulous


Very good but difficult

Fantastic beautiful colours